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[26.Mar.05 04:17]
impressive. powerful. dark. a wonderful work of art. congratulations. i'd like to see it on "recommended reading"

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Diana Pacuraru
[24.Mar.05 01:51]
Great ending. Unexpected and beautiful. The image is also interesting, though the words are a little too hard sometimes.

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corina dragomir
[26.Mar.05 08:45]
the emphasis on the potential of the *light*,*innocence*, (that's why you should take the title as figurative, not literal) vs. the opposite emphasis on the decadence of society are precisely the themes one expects to find in this piece of writing. it is totally conceptual. it surely draws on different layers of interpretation depending on how fast doors are opened and shut in quick succession. whenever it's wet underfoot i must put on my goloshes. oriana, changes have right away been applied.

thanks for the comments
regards, c.

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corina dragomir
[26.Mar.05 09:37]
p.s. i won't change the title. (not crematoria - foreign plural (Latin) - crematorium - crematoria). the native speakers either use *crematoriums* adding an -s to the singular or the preserved pl.form originating form Lat in -a. (+k), my choice.

i just want it like that:)

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Luminita Suse
[26.Mar.05 18:37]
That's ok, I like the title with K too. Good luck, Corina.

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