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 =  Appeal to reflect
Interesting article, an appeal to reflect on how kids are raised
Thanks Micha!


 ='s a sad reality...
Vasilescu Alvin Bastian
[11.Jun.05 20:23]
It's a sad reality... Some adults really do need education.
The concept of 'family', the concept of 'love' does not mean what it meant a century ago for example... You were completely right about the speed thing. Everything is fast nowadays: fast-food, even 'fastlove' (like a George Michael's well known melody is called)... Anyway, the best side of everything is losing itself through all those things which recommend themselves as 'modern', but they are nothing more than...pure disappointments...
Very good, Nancy! ...Bastian...

 =  .
corina dragomir
[11.Jun.05 20:55]
well, the web-intelligence already exists, survives and grows, independently and inexorably. today, when connected to the web, you can trade stocks very effectively without being a broker, provide at least a preliminary diagnosis of an illness without being a doctor and search out valuable knowledge, all at the click of a mouse. sure, there is potential for bad and evil, but human society always seems to develop the antibodies that eliminate a virus and stimulate the cure. regardless of numerous bad effects there can be no way going backward. education benefited and still benefits a great deal when informational technology was introduced in the schools' syllabus. i simply couldn't interract as much as I would desire unless yahoo messenger, MSN, AOL etc was provided. the whole debate on how to raise or not raise kids has to be subordinated to several factors and here we can implicitly discuss about family intervention in their children's careers through setting out of strict rules etc. (parents usually supervise kids by calling them on their cell phones). the gadgets we utilize today reflect a rapid evolution of high-tech industry. what might be a sort of an embryonic macro-organism made up of the totality of human beings and machines goes right on the idea that we witness volens nolens the development from primates and then homo sapiens. one more thing, there's a missing subject at the end of your text:*IT* /"is sad that we seem to forget our true nature".

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