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 =  osgc
[25.Aug.05 12:04]
salut. i'd like to buy the osgc albums. how can i "just do that" :) ?

 =  pai
corina dragomir
[25.Aug.05 12:30]
dane, vezi ce zic baietii la spoken communication: Romanian connection: Colo: +40721481130. u'll get yourself a cover at least.:)

 =  dan, corina
Luminita Baboianu
[26.Aug.05 11:17]
Ma bucur ca va place osgc! Asta inseamna ca ati intrat pe site. Reverente si zambete pentru asta - keep on doin' it! :-)

S-ar putea sa se puna de un turneu in Romania la toamna.

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