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 =  adolescent anger
andreea l.
[10.Aug.05 14:05]
images from the past, eh, Songo? I had so much fun reading this poem, I even said to myself: "snap out of it!" 2 words, Songo: rock-ish attitude (in a circular movement somehow).
funny-angry poem

 =  one more thing
andreea l.
[10.Aug.05 14:25]
not a very good example of poetry though. you'd better focus on your present writings.leave the past to the dogs. i haven't laughed so much when reading a poem in my entire life.

 =  past sheep callin'
corina dragomir
[10.Aug.05 14:48]
failing miserably failing horribly failing miserably failing
failing miserably failing horribly failing miserably failing
nothing comes from nothing amounts to nothing don't want to slap that past wont come back switch to diet plasma it still tastes the same. but hey, you were only a teen. it shouldn't be a pretext for the absence of a literary assessment, right?:)

 =  dark portrait - Andreea & Cory
Edilberto González Trejos
[10.Aug.05 16:06]
You got the whole point right!!!
I have many of tese "early texts" that I call. However, I am quite reticent to post them. This time I did.
A dark portrait of some dark character I met in that past... Or may be a mix of the dark characters I knew (included myself), yeah, we all have our clear and dark side.

Of course, past must be left aside and this material (early texts) should be tested towards the literary patterns & standards. But somehow, it´s like watching a pic from your Prom Book ... You feel it doesn´t represent you any longer.
Thanks to you both for your comm´s


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