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 =  as long as my shoelaces are shorter than yours
corina dragomir
[28.Aug.05 16:00]
i will try to provide a conceptual analysis of the term that more sharply defines windows. from a philosophical perspective here is no encoding of concepts into worlds or decoding of worlds into concepts. mind is best secured by his pre-established harmony (bet. inner world/outer world), cross-mapping perceptions are purely dual and must be false under the representation of content. i'm denying what i see though i'm fully desirous to interact with the object in sight. my primary truth may be deceptive to you and viceversa. on a more informal level, strictly speaking, there's only one thing i know. my baby is back into town. if s(he) slaps the door right in my nose then i'd know, according to the nature of the circumstantial reactions on his(her) behalf, the window to intimacy and f*** is shut:) . the monads have no windows through which something can enter or leave. may god have'em in peace. HE wouldn't have known they had had given this an essentially symbolic reference. the interweaving windows in the collage has almost dizzied me. the exp. + (.)

 =  in fact, it’s the same window...
ioana barac grigore
[28.Aug.05 16:58]
are you dizzy enough to advise which part of your comment is to be published in the collage? :) the collage is not finished yet. the photo, as you see it, is just the support for your point of view. try to watch the images apart.

how is your baby? :)

 =  Connected Portal
Joshua Vasquez Butawan
[29.Aug.05 06:01]
It turns to be translucent from my first perspective, it turns out that they look the same, but still has differences, in case in view, neither in texture.

But when I try to look closely, as i figure it out carefully, it may look a bit different, but in fact they are the same.

What caught my attention is the view from the outside, coz The frame looks the same but the background looks different.

I can feel the different aura of images, they have exact figure but different in other aspects.

 =  The window of a window
Monica Manolachi
[29.Aug.05 12:24]
Nice pictures, nice experiment. Here it is another window:

Open my window
Not that one
The other one
That which gives in the garden
Where other windows lost their silver
Forgetting to reflect
Desiring to dance on the grass
Among the poplars
Bang it open or open it slowly
As you wish
Brake the seal of that who left
Take your time
Let the wind stroke the window frames
Of a flower’s mind
See the bars
Those that prevent inscape
See the lacy curtain
Fragile hiding shading
They say there is no one inside

 =  *
Monica Manolachi
[29.Aug.05 14:00]
break the seal

 =  :D
[29.Aug.05 17:37]
linux !!!

 =  Corina, Monica, Joshua, Dan...
ioana barac grigore
[12.Sep.05 22:49]
...thank you all for being with me!

However, this is our collage, my friends.
I’m still waiting for your words...

 =  Powerful aspects!
Marius Surleac
[18.Feb.08 13:02]
Everybody can see anything he wants when opening a window; I can see something that you can not and the same for you. "Windows" has many senses and that's why the mood of how we treat this subject is very complex.
This is a window from me!
Good Job!

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