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Laurenţiu Ion
[14.Jun.09 21:34]
it would be better if you put a title for each haiku
something that would represent them fully, but at the same time different

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Marius Surleac
[14.Jun.09 22:53]
I don't think it's necessary to put a different title to each haiku. What is important is the suggestions that brings to the reader, the peacefulness and the imagery. By the way, nice feeling out there - looks like spring.


 =  marius,
Laurenţiu Ion
[14.Jun.09 23:12]
I noticed the feedback is missing on this kind of poetry
it would be better if it had a title because it would attract more readers
of course, it's just an opinion

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Monica David
[21.Jun.09 08:55]
Well, the rule doesn't ask that, but it could help the reader to penetrate the poem's world before he already read it. On the other side a good haiku poem can be written without a title.
Thank you, both of you for reading and comments.

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