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 =  life is a never ending stage for sure
Laurenţiu Ion
[16.Jun.09 13:27]
one act follows the other/ life and its moments are like a poker game

the first stanza sets precious echoes reverberating - exquisite
I think it would be ok if you pull off that "of history" because too many details are blurring - I understood the sequence, but this is the way I think
I can say that you've created the atmosphere of that video - something like a medieval & precious air
you should put the video directly from Embed to watch it here

this is a piece which I’m sure will yield more meanings the more I read it
well done(indeed)!


 =  to Laurentiu
Corina Gina Papouis
[16.Jun.09 14:33]
first of all I got rid of that history...:)(it was annoying)
secondly, I thank you for your most generous comment.
I have recently been to an event involving Tudors' life/ Henry VIII - 500 y since his coronation and got swept away by the whole thing: the knights, the ladies, the music...I thought I'd bring some of that here..
it's only a small sample, glad it received your appreciation...

*the words in italic are said to be written by the King himself in his utter adoration for Anne Boleyn...

re: link - i always thought that I should allow the reader the choice of reading poetry with/ without music. it is after all just a click away..

my lord, us ladies have to now retire/ for our duties are never ending.:)))


 =  the tudor dinasty
Laurenţiu Ion
[16.Jun.09 19:01]
I think it was a very interesting experience. I don't know very much about Anne Boleyn: I know only that she was the mother of Elizabeth I and she was assassinated shortly after she gave birth to a useless girl(I suppose 2 or 3 years later). and of course, I know some things about the story between her and Henry. if I should talk about what story marked me from england's history it would certainly be the story of Elizabeth I. actually, I love any kind of history :)

I expect to read more texts like this

p.s. be careful, I think the duties problem belongs to men :))))) so stop complaining about yourself
(just kidding :) )

I wish you a pleasant and successful day!

 =  well:)...
Corina Gina Papouis
[16.Jun.09 19:43]
we'll have to talk about this, maybe if u ever come over, in fact I'll show's easier that way:))
you see, the Tudors have such a long and bloody story, scattered all over London and England, interpreted in so many ways, however, every time I go to Greenwich Park - Elizabeth's oak is there (it appears that Henry used to dance with Anne under its branches), you look across the river and there it is: Tower of London (and we all know that is the place where she lost her head.. for good), so you see, it's impossible not to write now and then about it. They say that anne boleyn's ghost is haunting that place, like many other souls, in search for eternal peace.

and if you like Elizabeth i recommend these 2 DVD's:

Elizabeth (
Elizabeth the Golden age (

and we'll talk again..and
oh, master, a lady's duty shall not be named in public:)))


 =  a fairy dress
Laurenţiu Ion
[16.Jun.09 20:24]
I saw all the movies with Elizabeth I.
I received the second movie as a gift, at the beginning of last year, so as you can see, I'm very enthused about this kind of topics. to be honest, I heard something about Anne's ghost, in fact I read somewhere :))
I was in England for three days, unfortunately I haven't had time for visits

you know, the duties would fit perfectly with a fan, with a fairy dress and obviously, with a sophisticated air
the rest is taboo:)))))

anyway, thanks for your movie recommendations :)
you hit them

Have a nice evening!

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