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 =  Marius
Corina Gina Papouis
[16.Jun.09 17:35]
a rich text, complex meanings and self analysis: its like looking in the mirror while trying to operate on your brain :)or something like that.
i liked the detail: the force-fed jingle/ the candy candle induces the reader into that trance, that obsessiveness that pollutes the mind.
healing is the only way:)

 =  errr
Corina Gina Papouis
[16.Jun.09 17:37]
I think I meant Dan, although I am never sure...:)

 =  .
Marius Surleac
[16.Jun.09 20:59]
I don't know but looks like you change your style, bringing more lyricism. As well I observe the attention for details, and the dilution of reality, of senses.


+ "now choke so gently"
Laurenţiu Ion
[16.Jun.09 21:52]
it's something else - how you grab the feelings and drag them through the collage of your thoughts clear immediately to yourself yet intricate and spun through unusual things & ideas to finally crystallise them as poems. I really appreciate the lines arranged in a scenario frame or this may be just a personal way of seeing things.
this poem is so visual - I can really imagine its scenes flowing like the images of a good movie.
well done!

 =  2 in 1
Simona Sumanaru
[17.Jun.09 11:28]
you kneel and light the candy candle
and talk me through my laughing ruin
wrapped [UP] in your force-fed jingle
consumed by your endless riddle
you will heal me

that's how I read your poem. the second one. did I mention I see two poems in one? ... a story of confession, becoming, the healing power of light (to me). sorry, I have this big flaw of taking things personally. :-) truly wonderful and well inspired.

 =  ladies and gents
dan marius
[18.Jun.09 17:07]
corina: it is indeed an insight of madness. it's obsessive but it has (an either ironic or) a happy ending :)
marius: yes Sir, I like playing with words more than I did before. You did notice that. Thanks
Ion : it is visual, it could work as a script, it's also personal and it's written with a lot of love. for words and images. thanks
Sim: you know you're my favorite reader :) and yes, at some point I thought of erasing everything (but the second one)

 =  rhythm
Constantin Delca
[19.Jun.09 14:15]
i appreciate especially the stacatto rhythm of a metal song well connected with the descent into madness.

 =  Madness? I'd rather say...
John Willy Kopperud
[29.Jun.09 09:55]
...the civilized mind's dependency upon stimulation, the longing for that "second wind", bringing those natural opiates forth.
Really a nice piece, dan marius!
Cheers from Willy

 =  constantin, willy
dan marius
[29.Jun.09 17:15]
constantin : really liked what you saw there. there's a lot of music in my writing
willy: always an honor. good interpretation. let's say "the descent into the madness of the civilized world & mind"

 =  wonderland...
Romulus Campan Maramuresanu
[06.Jul.09 16:44]
Why am I so stirred by your gentle surrealism, yet so witty and edgy sometimes?

„no life here, Sir/ you should try the strawberries”

absolutely visual, even though psychedelic, yet so kind…

The fine change in your detail-style is benefic.

Missed you (all)…


 =  dan
dan marius
[10.Jul.09 08:31]
welcome back. we missed you too.

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