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Laurenţiu Ion
[19.Jun.09 21:49]
Laura, I would be glad if you put some informations in your biography. Try to say your opinions about other texts because I've seen that your English is pretty good & your texts are well written! Please, read carefully the rules of this site and maybe your access level will change.

good luck & keep adding new texts!

 =  catharsis
Constantin Delca
[19.Jun.09 22:03]
yes, breaking up all constrains and giving away all "clothes", "words" & identity, therefore stripped of yourself, is a way of purifying in order to be able to create


 =  to Laurentiu
Laura Chereche┬║
[19.Jun.09 22:35]
Well, I know the rules of the site, but my biography is just as boring as a rainy autumn afternoon; regarding comments, I like the feeling I get after reading a poem, hard to put into words, but I'll try :). I know feedback is important.
Inspiration be with you!

 =  :)
Corina Gina Papouis
[19.Jun.09 23:17]
sweet and short with a versatile twist..
to many more auditions, hey!

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