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 =  =big rain drops...
[29.Jul.09 09:27]
Hi Marius

...searching for you? You've been away and came back with this poem.
we've been searching for you as well.
thanks for the poem. Welcome back.

 =  thanks Gunsel
Marius Surleac
[29.Jul.09 15:17]
Gunsel, thank you for your kind comment. I was very busy lately, that's why!

Best wishes,

+ Marius
Corina Gina Papouis
[29.Jul.09 15:55]
I shall start with something that (in my humble opinion) would benefit from a change: the search for so much to so long

A poem dipped in gothic and oh, it suits you, Sir!!:)
I think I read similar pieces of work signed by you, however this one seems a lot more focused with one purpose in mind: search!
..for water, food, life – the whole cycle.
the interesting part for me was embedding this message into a gothic surround...
It took me through a few stages: made me think, it gave me a sense of hopelessness as well as a boost!
All I can give it is my congratulations and a star.


 =  thank you Corina!
Marius Surleac
[29.Jul.09 16:03]
Thank you very much Corina for your words, for the tip and for the twinkle. I will change "so much" with "so long" - indeed it's better. That "gothic" you're talking about is a grave's atmosphere as well as a view over time's pass. Also, you're right with the hopelessness.


 =  some few words
Laurentiu Ion
[29.Jul.09 16:38]
because I'm in a hurry, but I must say that I love your first poems with Jack and you know that. :) I think you should make a collection - Jack series - that will appear on the front page. of course, it's just my opinion
best regards


 =  thank you Laurentiu
Marius Surleac
[29.Jul.09 17:37]
Thank you Laurentiu for recommendation and for your kind words. I am glad these poems are well received in Romanian and English as well. About the collection ... will be a personal collection probably, but don't want a front page one, because those front page collections should be dedicated to all the members of the site.


 =  strange sensation
Diana Todea
[02.Aug.09 11:31]
Now I discover another lyrical side of your poetical personality. Nice poem, Marius, very experimental. Keep going on this path. Cheers!

 =  thank you Diana!
Marius Surleac
[02.Aug.09 13:06]
There are more to go. Indeed I like experimenting. Glad you liked my poem.


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