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Constantin Delca
[28.Jul.09 19:31]
a good essay, with interesting ideas and challenging questions. i've read it with pleasure but 2 things annoyed me: 1)some typos: "a unique", "a union", "increaded"; and 2)the fact that sometimes you use contractions and other times you don't and in my opinion you have to decide for one form or another, i don't think it's suitable for the final form of the text to use both of them.

best wishes!

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Veronica Valeanu
[28.Jul.09 23:24]
Constantin, I think this duality helps at least by ensuring some kind of pressure between the 2 heads our religion has grown in time: the masculine approach and the feminine one. at least, this tension doesn't monopolize its resources.

thank you for your kind appreciation.

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felix nicolau
[05.Nov.09 21:55]
i really enjoyed this essay

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Veronica Valeanu
[06.Nov.09 00:06]
thank you for your appreciation!

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