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 =  Diana
Corina Gina Papouis
[29.Jul.09 16:39]
it took me a while to read-and-understand your poetry and by all means, this is not a negative because good things are worth waiting for.:) I think I started to quite enjoy your style of writing. It is more robust yet a trip to ‘Alice in Wonderland’ down the rabbit hole I go with another good poem. I appreciate the shorter shape, I think it suits the style and it does not lose the reader on the way.
..and yes, I do have a suggestion (more an alternative..:))
Is this bit:
‘love is hate, hate is tears
i promised/no more tears’

I saw it like this:

Love and hate and tears
I promised no more..

Bye for now!

 =  twist
Diana Todea
[31.Jul.09 13:45]
I know that I have my own style of writing which may seem difficult for some people, but it's nice you started to see it in a different light now. As for the suggestion I'll take it in consideration. Cheers Corina and all the best!

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