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Constantin Delca
[07.Aug.09 20:32]
i'm a big reader of creative writing guides. they're very interesting and fun and you can learn a few (or more) good things from them. and now that you've mentioned it, i'll probably check this one out sometime.


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laurentiu ion
[07.Aug.09 22:23]
from now on, you can post articles without editor's verification. please, read carefully the rules! :)

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Corina Gina Papouis
[07.Aug.09 23:38]
I am not quite keen on books that teach people how to write books, I am skeptical about it..i think is a money making machine, people with no talent whatsoever would get the false impression that is the key opening any editor's door. plus it spoils it for me, also a reader, knowing why and how it is interactive workshop is probably more appropriate, where brainstorms are at home, where people discuss their ideas and exchange tips..:)

If you are a natural artist - you will make it! if is that hard - give it up..

just a humble opinion...:)

*By all means this is an interesting subject to debate, so it would be nice to hear what other people have to say...or, if anyone has used one of this guides and has become famous, please do step forward!

well done VV for bringing this up!:)

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ion a
[08.Aug.09 08:24]
Corina brought up an interesting point. for some reason, until quite recently, writing literature was not considered an academic endeavor. while nobody would dream of becoming a composer without attending music school, or a sculptor without being someone's apprentice first, literature somehow evaded a formal career path. a formal "creative writing" program was almost unheard of 20 or 30 years ago. and teaching such a program is kind of paradoxical too: if you're a good writer, you're gonna write your own books not manuals about writing. on the other hand, even if the manual's author is not such a great writer, that doesn't mean he can't collect and explain with great insight and accuracy some of the techniques used by the truly great writers.
myself, i liked best a computer program written by ray kurzweil, cybernetic poet. i think you might still be able to download it, but i don’t think it works on vista

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Veronica Valeanu
[08.Aug.09 18:37]
writing as process is an alive extension of ourselves
as product it's very much a question of remaining alive

i am glad i could trigger such a discussion & i can't pretend i could have such an educated guess about the weight such manuals can have on our work & perspectives

but at least it keeps our mind open to what we gave to go through on our way to proficiency and desire to improve
it is good for remaining aware of our fixations, mistakes, prejudices
as long as we don't rely only onthis.

Corina you are so right-sometimes this network of editors and literary agents puts too much pressure.
Ion, I have heard of that saying too (those who can, do; the others just teach how to)- but at least writing has found a niche in this money-oriented world

the truth is any book for mentoring in craft- in any domain -is helpful (we can never say we are good enough)
Laurentiu - thank you for this appreciation, this gives me motivations to improve
Constantin- if you have any material about something similar for poetry or fiction please share it with us
thank you all

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