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 =  Diana
Corina Gina Papouis
[08.Sep.09 16:33]
I liked the angle you approached here, is an original translation of poetry through maths, prosaic, a wonder, etc..etc.
The only nag I would have is about 'I've wrote': you probably meant I've written or I wrote.
taking that to a side is a wonderful poem!

 =  Corina
Diana Todea
[08.Sep.09 16:50]
Thanks, I corrected the line. And I'm happy you get my point-poetry can be so many things, it depends how open we are with our imagination. Cheers!

 =  not so sure...
daniel d marin
[12.Sep.09 15:42]
I should like to read your "best poetry" like a little crazy game, but it's not. It is rather a teenager mind party which is coming to a literature no way end.

Your lines do not fit in at all... you should probably improve the field of a coherent idea... too much flight, too much "poetry", too much song...

 =  experimental
Diana Todea
[12.Sep.09 20:25]
Thanks for your observations, but this is an experiment. Is not a "teenager mind party". Cheers!

 =  experimental
Diana Todea
[12.Sep.09 20:16]
This is an experiment, not a teenager's mind party. I don't agree with your observations because art is part of experimentation and playing. In order to invent something new you need to play with the concepts and set new rules. Cheers!

 =  just me point of view...
daniel d marin
[14.Sep.09 01:00]
if you set new rules (within your experiment) with the goal to show me something (any kind of thing that art could do)... that's ok with me. Unfortunately, I am not able to see something like that in the poem above. That's why it is not art, but speculation to me.

 =  critical point
Diana Todea
[16.Sep.09 22:02]
Yes is your own point of view. For me your speculation is experiment. I don't want to please all readers. Cheers!

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