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 =  great
Marius Surleac
[21.Sep.09 10:20]
I never listened Monica Zetterlund until today. Her songs are very nice and her voice takes my mind to Dusty Springfield, but as mentioned above by you, a bit of Sarah Vaughan is to be found - the style is very similar. Great!

Cheers Willy!

 =  One of the great advantages-
John Willy Kopperud
[21.Sep.09 10:32]
-with the "history of music"compilation is the possibility that the author may introduce great music to the readers. Introducing Monica Z. to you, Marius, is indeed an achievement.Sometimes it may be fruitful to look further than the
artists and composers broadly known by the audience regardless of nationality and generation. I'm so glad you enjoyed my tribute, Marius!
Cheers from Willy

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