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 =  This is a poem about living a lie and unable to be free.
David Greer
[17.Dec.09 18:21]
this is what I see and hear from a lot of gay men when I lived in the USA in the 1980's. But by living here in Bucharest for 3 years I hear that until one or two years ago most gay men were afraid to be themselves.

 =  David
Corina Gina Papouis
[17.Dec.09 18:43]
'passion that burns like fire' - is something that has been said before by many many artists and poets and singers...I want you to unleash the unsaid!:)
again, above you are describing a feeling: make the reader feel it, don't explain it! is not always easy...i know..:)

to summarize:

our eyes turned
towards the other side
of this world
we dwell
between dreams
i breath you in
as you watch our
last sun set
as our path unfolds
into equally divided

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