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+ bring it on!
Corina Gina Papouis
[07.Oct.09 23:27]
...I loved the daring atmosphere created here, Diana, the art and artifacts, the nerve, the music, the crowds, the sacrifice..

'art is a suicide
in front of millions of fans'

that deserves a frame! I would have used it as a last stanza...

Either way a text that ticked my boxes!


 =  manifesto
Diana Todea
[08.Oct.09 21:44]
Thank you, Corina, for your appreciation. I do think that art is a personal manifesto meant to shock the crowds. Cheers!

 =  oh, and
Corina Gina Papouis
[08.Oct.09 22:00]
..just remembered, I wrote a text from the other side of the fence so to speak: me in the crowds of Glastonbury. The experience was...something else! If you ever get a chance do it!:)


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