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 =  Touching
Dan Moldoveanu
[04.Nov.09 23:01]
Strong notes of emotion, steady rhythm... There is a lot of depth, as meanings melt into each other - the allusion to the sexual act, the pain produced thereby. I can't even quote a verse that I particularly like - every word is so tightly bound to everything else that it makes an almost inseparable whole.
... even the text looks like two breasts seen from above (I may be going too far), but this can be interpreted as the duality of your feelings - the disappointment that you keep to yourself, and the love/need for affection that you decide to share. Simply great.

 =  a
Corina Gina Papouis
[04.Nov.09 23:08]
..beautiful hurt-love-poem...they say ignorance is bliss, but not in love, never in love...

 =  to Dan
Laura Chereche┬║
[06.Nov.09 20:47]
Thank you for your comment, I'm glad you enjoyed it, you're quite good at reading between the lines :-)


 =  thank you,
Laura Chereche┬║
[06.Nov.09 20:56]
Corina, ignorance is a negative thing, no matter where it manifests itself, but, sometimes, things just happen...

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