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 =  I didn't even know
Dan Moldoveanu
[08.Dec.09 22:54]
...that words can be so powerful. You are among the few who can wield words to spark such flame in people's hearts... I fear next time I read one of your poems out loud, the seas will will part, and water will spring from dry rock. Yet I'm convinced that if these do happen, they will have happened for a reason, so I will read, and articulate your words, Veronica.

 =  are words already spoken for in poetry?
Veronica Valeanu
[10.Dec.09 10:09]
i admit i am addicted to writing, but it has always a matter of psychological warfare. Yet, under no circumstances an exhausting one, but rather the opposite.
I try never to forget how much a reader changes this equation.

what you said about this text meant a greal deal for me.
what matters most in the text is offering/carving around words a space to allow them to become alive (yet, not a cage)- so many providential things await in this space!

thank you so much, Dan.

 =  err
Veronica Valeanu
[10.Dec.09 10:28]
[it has always been]

 =  [err again]
Veronica Valeanu
[10.Dec.09 19:56]
a great ideal - [sorry, i was running out of time)

 =  Veronica
Luminita Suse
[22.Jan.10 15:31]
I'd like to know what do these words mean: hiderogenous, spellucid?

 =  LS
Veronica Valeanu
[22.Jan.10 19:36]
a coinage: hide/erogenous > hydrogen

- a tool i sometimes use to intensify from the inside and from the outside

 =  Thanks
Luminita Suse
[23.Jan.10 05:15]
Interesting, yet a bit uneasily contrived that 'spellucid' as a constriction of 'spell' and 'pellucid'. I must admit I thought of two different words: 'spell' and 'lucid' which does follow your previous formulae, for instance conversEve, etc. On the other hand, 'hiderogenous' is amazing!

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