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 =  cold war
Veronica Valeanu
[01.Dec.09 11:25]
what i like about this text is that i cannot tell at first sight if it resorts to perception or consciousness.
in other words, if the I, the second-in-command, is nothing but an eversion of the Self (and not a long quest to attain it)- triggered only by that "final penitence" when the I has already proven to itself to be too serviceable, and attempts to re-build its pride by victimizing and accepting to give ground and become interiority for the self. In fact it could be its ultimate occasion to have the final word.
such a metaphysical model is induced - in order to balance the I's and Self's level of wisdom. Now I(as reader) realise why there is no opposition, no fight or at least no attitude linked to it. They both understand to wait for each other.

Losing the consciousness is always a method of switching on, an armistice (after a cold war)

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