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 =  enchanting kitsch
Diana Todea
[20.Dec.09 10:31]
This poem is close to my feelings when I visited Sinaia and Predeal in the summer. However, I think your poem is close enough to a kitsch, intended or not.

 =  Diana Todea
raj thampi
[20.Dec.09 10:36]
Main Entry: kitsch
Pronunciation: \ˈkich\
Function: noun
Etymology: German
Date: 1925
1 : something that appeals to popular or lowbrow taste and is often of poor quality

Thanks Diana Todea, I learned a new word :)

 =  Unique
Sarang Hae
[30.Dec.10 19:24]
Sorry, it has appeared as an error few moments earlier and I really wanted to tell you that this poem gave me goosebumps! The title, which is unique, to say the least... And I know its meaning, for some strange reason and I know you do, as well, because of your last three lines.
It's an exquisite and wonderful poem, far away from what the above person defined as "kitsch".
Thank you...

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