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 =  Oh, Calin!:)
Corina Gina Papouis
[23.Jan.10 00:49]
....a few minor polishing touches needed:
one day - instead of 'on one day'
people will go by foot - instead of will go by feet
for dinner - rather than for the dinner.
'not to go to work' - 'instead of not to go to the work'

Calin please could you correct these tiny errors so we can fully appreciate this text..
I loved this text in Romanian...I love this text in English...I wonder in how many languages can I love this text?:)


 =  Thanks
Cãlin Sãmãrghiþan
[23.Jan.10 12:09]
Thanks. I realise I have many mistakes writing in English, so I do need these kind of proof. When they are too many and too annoying, please tell me eventually to stop. I perfectly understand.

+ one day...
Corina Gina Papouis
[23.Jan.10 12:16]
I might choose to tell you, but today I am delighted to reward this text with a tiny sign of my appreciation!
Have a good day, Mr C!:)

 =  tiny robbots,
Laura Cherecheº
[29.Jan.10 22:53]
yet, with the freedom of choice, a constant oscilation between to and not to
Beautiful poem!


 =  Tiny steps
Călin Sămărghițan
[31.Jan.10 23:15]
Thanks, Laura. I try to make my way here.

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