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Corina Gina Papouis
[06.Feb.10 14:13]
Hi could you please correct the words: misory and bourden to what they should really look like: i.e. misery and burden so we can put the text on the front page.
Thank you!

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Cãtãrãu Alina - Andreea
[07.Feb.10 14:56]
First of all,I want to say that I really like your poem, because it's sensitive and sincere. "r black aura of absence" sounds a bit mysterious or also Gothic-like.
Secondly, please take in consideration Mrs. Papouis' advice, for your poem to appear on the first page, thus to be read by also other people.

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nica ioana
[09.Feb.10 14:57]
I did take in consideration the advice and correct the misspelled words.Thank you for your comment

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