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Corina Gina Papouis
[14.Mar.10 09:37]
I liked what you did with the title...and the poem that follows is not bad at all. every word is an actor with a well rehearsed role.
I would suggest to replace can with may...

 =  Thank you
Ioana-Raluca Raducanu
[14.Mar.10 09:32]
Your appreciative comments do me much honor :). More than i deserve. As for the suggestion - corrected ... how sloppy of me :">

 =  Ioana-Raluca Raducanu
Cãtãrãu Alina - Andreea
[24.Jul.10 16:49]
It's interesting, written in a direct and almost door manner, but it's very suggestive. But taking in consideration that the ego compared himself with a "habit", the lover cannot give rid of her (the woman), because a habit cannot be forgotten.



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