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 =  chain of reactions
Veronica Valeanu
[23.Apr.10 20:18]
first, you succeeded to shape an atmosphere charged with tension
afterwards you released it into movement and transience into life
i appreciate a standing out concatenation, Cristian

now you are exactly on the road to applying this strategy further on to concepts/themes, not only to visual paradises!:)

 =  detour
Dely Cristian Marian
[24.Apr.10 13:47]
Veronica, i'll try to capture other images and, hopefully, develop a new chain of reactions; even a more positive one.

i appreciate your ravishing view. has made me dream on, and i see a tornado approaching, as my visions make circles above the clouds. first choice suits me well and would awake me, the second would have me dream again. :)

i wonder why. i know. looks like i love spinning.

my compliments to you,

 =  let's consider this:
Veronica Valeanu
[24.Apr.10 13:57]
look, this passage from nature to concept is quite abrupt, requires a deeper insight, but the results are more satisfactory and I guarantee they bring about more inspiration

consider the following example:
from [alien] to [alienation]/ {self-alienation]
how's that to you?

you will see how drawn from the first theme one could move on to a finer ground. what was produced or induced first by the the theme now is transformed into [reaction]and [attitude] - which ensure the pillars of your construction.

and these 2 pillars are not structured to be in the foreground. the focus is not on that, not even on the person, but on consequences, impacts.

this is indeed a fascinating level.

 =  consideration
Dely Cristian Marian
[25.Apr.10 16:27]
i believe you are right and i can't find anything else to add. i just have to see how my [self-alination} will react.

looking forward to

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