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 =  mihai,
Veronica Valeanu
[28.Apr.10 20:23]
a text with a natural flow, it seems to have been dictated by that interior voice that carries one through events accompanied by parralel whispers of expectations.
the flow of time is substituted by the mind's whispers
now and then a little touch of humour, well-dosed

I noticed how well you master the language. however, i wouldn't want to overlook the fact that you tended to abuse inserting so many rhetorical questions.- especially that the narrator knows perfectly the answer.:) the end is not so well-handled, perhaps abrupt.

but the conclusion is that this text is definitely a pleasant surprise.
excuse me for taking the liberty of modifying the category from '"essay" into "prose".

 =  MN
Mihai Nedelcu
[29.Apr.10 14:26]

Thanks a lot for commenting on the written piece, it may sound cliche, but your opinion is valued. The rhetorical questions are the result of a (perhaps) troubled mind which questions everything around. The end, as well as almost all my endings, is abrupt, frustrating the reader into wanting more, into asking questions, into introspection. This piece is part of a bigger picture i'm putting together (at least trying).

Thanks again

 =  I do, too
Motoc Lavinia
[19.Jun.10 22:24]
After spending a little while on your page, I have to say, I am tempted to recommend that you stick to the prose, rather than poetry. And especially to that inner ear of yours, which seems accurate and truthful to your voice.

 =  Thanks
Mihai Nedelcu
[20.Jun.10 10:42]
Thank you Lavinia for your opinion. I believe that to a certain extent it's about trial and error. Though proze may suit me better, I still have a weak spot for poetry :)

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