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Veronica Valeanu
[11.Jun.10 09:39]
other words
jung said
while the 2nd one
our unconscious has
will be kept
our features
if you tried

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Veronica Valeanu
[11.Jun.10 09:48]
have seen etc
a lot of typos
I took the liberty of sequencing the text into paragraphs, - which you could have done by yourself-, so that the text could be read. In your original version the text couldn't breathe.

please try to correct those parts by re-editing the text (the button down the page)

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James A Williams
[22.Jan.12 03:54]
"It was a very useful linguistic tool that I learned to faculty from one of my teachers"

I have no idea what you mean by 'faculty' in this context. Are you using it to mean capability, facility ability, proficiency, or competence? Please reword and do heed Veronica's corrections please. Having said that, I have read all your texts and you are improving.


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