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Cãtãrãu Alina - Andreea
[21.Jul.10 21:08]
I think that the first part needs some changes or at least polishing, because it doesn't seem so poetical, but I really liked the second stanza. It captures the essence of the entire poem. In my point of view, you should leave only these stanza:

"Across battlefields of regretful words
And hurtful memories
Striking like sharp daggers
Practising the devil's theories."

Oh, and practising is not grammatically correct. It's practicing.


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nica ioana
[22.Jul.10 09:24]
ok.thanks.I took your advice under consideration

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nica ioana
[22.Jul.10 09:24]
thanks.sometimes I forget the obvious mistakes.
I took your advice and changed it

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Veronica Valeanu
[22.Jul.10 09:26]
Ioana, please write the answer only once, because it remains in the list of comments to be approved by the editor. so, it doesn't disappear.

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