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 =  killed
Veronica Valeanu
[26.Jul.10 10:59]
i think there are too many cliches: [my heart is burning,mysterious feeling] but also as leitmotifs (rain, soul's quest for love, lost love). these have been used millions of times before.
the voice has no strength, it only extols the helplessness.

 =  To Veronica Valeanu
Andreea Maresi
[26.Jul.10 16:41]
I know that it is not a so good poem...It is made in a moment of lack of inspiration.. But then, I felt that I have to write something. And after I finished, I thought that it would be well if somebody tells me an opinion or gives an advice.
Thank you for telling me. I will rectify some parts of it in a moment of more inspiration.

 =  Edited
Andreea Maresi
[29.Jul.10 11:48]
I rectified some parts of this poetry. I hope that it is a little better.

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