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Veronica Valeanu
[02.Aug.10 12:27]
a well-articulated text, also alert in pushing forward some preventive focal points.

these ideas have long been flickering in disillusioned minds. the economical shakeout is only an excuse for a cultural shakeout. being overwhelmed by these shartcomings & states creates perhaps a trend among masses. perhaps many of us think that the reproduction of the raw reality can lead to the true way of approaching this art.

well,unfortunately, the schlock is already a pattern.
I'm glad that i could read your thoughts, that you have joined the resistance movement.
i'm also glad that you support the process of creating emotion, a refined one.
that you are intersted in the awakening.

all the best,

 =  .
Ecaterina Bargan
[02.Aug.10 14:00]
indeed, i test the "free expression" of the literature being written today, like a lot of people, which consider themselves young writers, just to see how it manifests in the big/real world, or, u know, the reality. and i'm a little disappointed about it, because (...)

and like Chuck Palahniuk said: "doesn't matter what direction you jump, just to touch a jump", i think it's very important to make this jump, in the literature, in such kind of manner that occur inside/outside the whisk we need to move on from that "inexpressive writing" i was writing about, whatever ...

thanks, Veronica.

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