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 =  typo..:)
Corina Gina Papouis
[20.Aug.10 20:58]
..couldn't fall..
cheers, you

 =  .
Veronica Valeanu
[20.Aug.10 22:01]
or couldn't feel :)

 =  Gunsel
Luminita Suse
[22.Aug.10 16:19]
According to the WordWeb dictionary, free to download from, and very handy to use, the verb 'fell' has three meanings:
1. Cause to fall by or as if by delivering a blow
2. Pass away rapidly
3. Sew a seam by folding the edges
So, I hope this clears away the typo confusion.
Looking at the style of this poem, 5 verses, I wondered if it is a tanka attempt? If so, you may reconsider using the same verse it was [only] a dream twice for the sake of tanka perfection which uses few words and aims at deepness.

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