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 =  brilliant darkness
Sebastian Trandafir
[22.Sep.10 17:04]
it's quite interesting how this "enclosed and *darkened* space called brain" can force us relive all those pouring rains that caught us without an umbrella :)

 =  interesting
nica ioana
[28.Sep.10 09:13]
I wear a raincoat everyday and it still doesn't help.So ..yes it's quite interesting:)thanks for your comment

Givemore Manyengawana
[29.Sep.10 22:30]
the space

may be the world must wait for just a sec and ease the volatility in the space,i realise it is just to add another mistake beacuse no matter how different achievments are we live through equal hours every day ..24 hrs a day everywhere for every one, Nelson Madiba Mandela still made it to the South African Preseident even after spending 27 years in jail just because of some mistakes,

thats great Nica from G.M

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