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 =  on the first day of christmas
ion a
[24.Dec.10 08:42]
for me it's childhood, kind of idealized, kind of prefab, of course, like any memory. i think the reason is so resilient is rather an esthetic one: christmas is one of the few "nice" myths, it's about birth (for a change) and not about death or war or revenge or sacrifice. but i think i'm missing the point somehow, that i've taken apart the toy and now i can't put it together again, with the king's horses & all asleep on the IKEA postmodern decor (they do sell plastic trees... )

but hey, merry christmas to you too!

 = true love gave to me:p
Corina Gina Papouis
[24.Dec.10 14:07]
Ion A i love your comments...and I know what you are saying about the broken toy/ IKEA sofa and the plastic tree..but let me tell you something, after you sit down with the children (age 4 and 7 in my case!) and watch for about say 10 times a day The Polar Express and the Sound of Music you have 2 choices: BELIEVE in Xmas or a trip to the psychotherapist..:))))..I chose number 1..:p...
plus, I love light verse, I have been reading to much from Wendy Cope (again) lately and she has that kind of magic wand...
..and all being said the Mother figure during Xmas time takes over, making sure that everyone, including the cat and the mouse in the house has a good time despite aching feet, flu and endless tasks...
I am determined to have a good time this Xmas, even on a drip..:))))
Hope we'll talk again soon, I really like you..:)
...and a little tip (from my 4 y old): keep watching The Polar Express, one day you will hear that bell ringing...:p

Hugs and kisses and Merry Xmas!

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