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Veronica Valeanu
[05.Jan.11 10:06]
-Time has always been a toy invented...
-What would you relate to if there were no time
-she tried being logical
-plenty of room
-You would need a pair of eyes to do that, wouldn’t you
-I had been here ever since you entered this bloody room

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diana vlase
[05.Jan.11 17:06]
This is my first text in English language, so I am grateful for your help!

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Veronica Valeanu
[05.Jan.11 17:17]
well, to many more then!!
and by the way, welcome to this community.
experiment and experience!


 =  You are so kind
diana vlase
[05.Jan.11 17:30]
I've been writing on Agonia since 2000, I think, but in Romanian language. I love it, it is indeed a great experience!

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