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Veronica Valeanu
[22.Mar.11 09:20]
a version, hopefully as intense for you too:

The morning dew sparkles as broken crystal.
You approached to kiss it.
Endure the burn, let me blast my petroglyphs
in your deepest layers

The face of the ā€œIā€ standing before your eyes
hardly as Neon
today I light the candle of the ā€œIā€, not afraid
to lose its shine, so you may ask
Who are you for God's sake?
Who are the fertile fireflies of Love? where I
pledged on the dark prince, on the harshness of the hell-fire

Our force shall join the freshness of ambergris
cool all and bring joy
like a mother who, after giving birth, invites
all visible invisible creatures
at the banquet with the Cornucopia,
at the solid diamond table

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