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 =  A great romp
James A Williams
[22.Jan.12 16:55]
This is a great romp through impeccable locution. The great irony is that minutes ago I was revising the first draft of a text that I wrote early last year. I was using my thesaurus to help me rid it of unwanted adverbs. In other words, searching for stronger verbs. I did have a good laugh at that!

The Spanish word for thesaurus is 'tesoro' which means treasure, which it is to me as the older I get the harder it becomes to find the right word.

If I understand the rules properly you must have translated this Veronica, as you submitted it… though I may be wrong. Very well done I say.

I have one lone comment.

"Here father is next to sire and brother close to sibling…"

There seems a natural pause after 'here', and I would insert a coma, though I do not believe it is wrong without it.

Thanks, it was lovely,


 =  oops!
James A Williams
[22.Jan.12 16:57]
Oops I see it was probably written in English.

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