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 =  Nice poem
Luminita Suse
[21.Jan.12 03:35]
You do as well in short poetry as in prose!

in the coffee shop
bright poppies seep out
from a terra-cotta wall
crimson stars
against the moonlight

A coffee shop is a fascinating place. I have written a few tanka about it. Here's one:

crowded café
my iced tea
inches away
from his hot
dark coffee

 =  Re: Nice Poem
James A Williams
[21.Jan.12 06:08]
Re: Nice Poem

That is quite the compliment considering from whence it comes! I love what you did with it, and your tanka, coffee shop poem, is fantabulous.

Of course I've also written much prose in my local coffee shop you may be sure.

Thanks for your kind, encouraging words.


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