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 =  The leaf
Akira Sendoh
[09.Sep.05 14:17]
Wow....I really liked it, it catched my feelings and it also touched my heart, a feeling of solitude in every corner's season, You blended well the art and emotions,
congratsulations, I like this one really!

ikinokoru Ronin!

 =  Thanks but
Joshua Vasquez Butawan
[09.Sep.05 14:34]
Thank you so much my friend, it is just simple, I made it coz I got nothing to do, since when i was on my classroom, during that time me and my friends had a conflict and i really knew that we will not become friends anymore, everything will not be the same again, that situation really upset me, so I just decided to put my loneliness on the pen and papaer that I'm holding. This work of mine is just nothing it is only a self releasing factor of my own stress. any way thanks, still i know there is something in my txt which is bothering me, for me its not that good, so just thank you my friend still I'm not happy.

 =  These Text.
Joshua Vasquez Butawan
[17.Sep.05 16:03]
This one is meant to create an image out of the solemn scenes, A wind which is seems to be flowing from every where, even in no time; much things are meant in our life such as, so on and so on.. I should be coping with the flowing of life, even if I doesn't know If am I going through.

( Kate, Leeden, Jodelle, and Grace) to those people!

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