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dan zafir
[15.Jun.12 18:31]
We bow to this greater Truth... Reason for Reason...
Tell me,please Willy, enchant me rather with a picture of this place that you call "beyond Reason". What's it like? :))

 =  Thanks a lot, Dan
John Willy Kopperud
[15.Jun.12 18:22]
-for your appreciation. "Beyond reason" ? I'm not sure whether this can be characterized as a place. I thought about as a state, the state that occurs when the cup of reason runs over. Man can build pyramids and skyscrapers, travel in space, paint masterpieces. All this is within the realm of reason. Beyond? Beyond there is theology, mythology, fantasy and all sorts of tall tales, ready to turn their baks on reason at any given moment. Both the content of the cup and that which spills over the brim is included in humanities collective memory.
Cheers from Willy

 =  of reason and Reason
dan zafir
[29.Jul.12 10:55]
Sorry for the delay Willy... for some reason the robot never notifies me regarding activity on threads visited.

To travel "beyond Reason" does not imply physical travel, space or even Time.
Space and Time are encoded within human reason in order to separate it from Reason of Next... a new Logic of Existence that, this time, does not involve Space, Time, or the laws of Physics for that matter. Unnatural as it may seem to the Human Mind, this new Logic of Existence, Reason of next sts, is a most natural step upon the true journey of evolution that we are part of.
My most informed and educated opinion is that reason(human) shall be followed by greater Reason... human mind simply needs to speed up its growth, for the greater Reason's been patiently awaiting ITs vehicle. Be well and in good Thought!

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