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Veronica Vãleanu
[28.Jun.12 11:05]
I think for you writing is a point of no return, allowing both squirming and standing still to altenate. this is not a rhythm, but a pattern - I admire that very much. the amazing thing is that the tone behaves in the same way.
for a reader, it surely gives chills.

I will always remember these lines, because they are so strong, thay can take your breath away:
[the first verse has some sort of divinity in it
followed by blah
the last verse is coming
[look busy] ]


 =  re
Corina Gina Papouis
[28.Jun.12 20:23]
Thanks Veronica, patterns are rather unique I say..they can have their own personality, a matrix and a primer if you want. Rhythms are good too, however they are somewhat predictable.

One can only do his/ her best!:p

Many thanks for your appreciation!



 =  read it aloud
Ronald E Shields
[08.Jul.12 18:45]
I read this out loud and it hummed along like a nice little piece of jazz.

 =  :)
Corina Gina Papouis
[08.Jul.12 18:56]
..jazz it is!


+ There...
Romulus Campan Maramuresanu
[29.Oct.12 23:15]
My daughter's watching the X factor, and reading your poem just reminds me of its title's utter (inner) truth... It is amazing I am arriving at understanding and even enjoying this absolutely off limits for me, poetry style...
You have some sort of surreal gift of infusing word/thoughts with the meaning direction where you want to take your reader! And the trick to tie them forever in there is NOT giving them the grand finale which would mean a shallowness' shore which you never intend to reach, nor to be reached. I've read quite a few CGP poems and now I know how you kept getting me back, me, the never-satisfied gourmet of hitting, grand finale endings, even though I hate jazz, and costa, too:-)
The uniqueness of your style is taking your reader "there", leaving them "there", allowing them the choice to leave, should they wish so...
I do not know yet what it takes not to send your reader out of your world with a grand finale, food for thought package, but if it's some sort of maturity, it seems I'll never grow older, even though my soul shell needs more and more pills to function around some weak limits of tolerance.

Will keep reading.

With respect,


 =  all
Corina Gina Papouis
[31.Oct.12 20:39]
I can say is that your comment blew me away..and if I could I would give you a star for the way you stroke my poetic ego.

..and NO! never grow older! as the Peter Pan in every every man needs preservation and treats and...plenty of fairies.:p

Many many thanks!

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