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Veronica Vãleanu
[19.Jul.12 11:44]
I would suggest [gets filled up with]
then you say
[shrinks, until it becomes] and I can sense smth that causes all this. [shrink] is an action caused by smth like water, etc. the becomingness itself is caused by smth but there is no accent on what, why.
and all this makes me go back here [the sky fills with dead birds]. dead, but on the sky? plus: birds in the sky is quite a cliche, and using it is smth you would never do.

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nica mãdãlina
[21.Jul.12 10:13]
I ll put get filled up with

yes, dead and in the sky and the filling up causes the shrinking - a contrast (not to say more)

as for the cliche, it is, maybe, one, as well as the fact that people do leave. therefore, the first is used to sustain the latter.

thanks for the eye and sorry for my poor english.

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