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 =  thank s that there is an sign from an editor
Anni- Lorei Mainka
[07.Aug.12 10:01]
Would you be so kind and tell me directly : what you mean with "revised"?
These poems are a part from a poem-book which an editor sign with ok.
Thank you.

 =  .
Veronica Vãleanu
[07.Aug.12 10:10]
[autumn's door] instead of [the autumn's doors]
[will be] instead of [we'll be]

 =  thks
Anni- Lorei Mainka
[07.Aug.12 12:25]
You're so nice to tell me what you ve seen:

I've written "the autumn's doors", because it's a special "autumn"...that means "the"...and they are a plural.
Thk. for your time.

 =  sorry to disturbe you
Anni- Lorei Mainka
[07.Aug.12 16:23]
Yes, you decide here, and it is right so.
But in more than one way it is still a difficult situation...perhaps the Romanians are right when they tell me their stories...hope to be so good for an editor and become more than an workshop mask.

 =  .
Veronica Vãleanu
[07.Aug.12 18:52]
you aren't disturbing anyone

it's not outrageous to be in the situation of having extraordinary texts and less extraordinary ones. As for my assessing this text in the category of [workshop] these are the facts: first you submitted a text with some grammar and spelling mistakes; I put [to be revised] thinking that you will double check it also considering its weaknesses, at the level of getting across the message.
[to be revised] can also imply making improvements. as long as you find a moment to think about it, you will see those weaknesses:

-it's too fragmentary; and a fragmentary type of discourse that has a problem dealing with expressing itself. Here it it important that I should remind: the desired message may not be of the same quality as your effective message.
- repetitiveness: you didn't handle very well what you might have wanted to call leitmotif. it should be like a pillar of construction, upon which a solid architecture should be built
-tears will be water to drink/ weaping through moon's eyes/ come on jump - are cliches
a text in the workshop doesn't mean it will stay there forever; any improvements can save it.

 =  err
Veronica Vãleanu
[07.Aug.12 18:53]
getting the message across

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