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Dely Cristian Marian
[19.Feb.13 22:46]
Quite interesting; this poetry is really into arguing... for the sake of a mighty pair perhaps.
It feels like you took its quarrel into your poetry for the wisdom of it. But, what a fine sentence!
“Or both of you the tongue will miss” - I would've used 'shall'.
And I guess you'll believe me if I say that I sent two haiku (recently made) to a contest just a couple of minutes before reading this poetry and the second had a 'tongue' involved in the end. Well, I've said it because it's been like a déjà vu to me.

Hope I'll read your new poetry soon,

 =  *
Bodea Diana Mihaela
[21.Nov.13 05:45]
Thank you Cristian. I haven't been so into poetry lately but I decided to visit my "poetic home" and revise some texts. It is very good your observation, "shall" is really better.

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