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 =  the true Willy...
Romulus Campan Maramuresanu
[10.Dec.12 14:59]
Hi Willy,

I've been sneaking around your poem for some time, trying to find Willy, until I realised I've found something I've been expecting of long, one of the many hidden chapters of a Willy I suspected to be much more complicated than the little bits shown to us...
Because beyond the sometimes too rosy way of acknowledging a worse reality, there lied hidden the (may I say?) true Willy, not only spectator but participant as well to a world of dreams wickedly refusing to show any signs of fulfilment.
And what better way than showing us his true colours, than a masterpiece of compassionate, but realistic poetry/journalism of a place never known for anything but dreams about peace.
A bit fragmented, but just enough to let the precious and fragile moments with their due breathing space.
I am wholeheartedly recommending it, even if I may want to object (as a good Jew) to some parts of it, not doing it though, not being my role for now:-)
One friendly request: cold you please think of something else instead of "and this writer"? It just seems to ruin the spirit of it, all...

With friendly respect,


 =  With gratitude I read-
John Willy Kopperud
[10.Dec.12 18:01]
your comment, Romulus. To me it was challenging to write a poem of such length, since I very often stick to just a very few words. This theme has stayed with me for such a long time. I guess the years help in the sense of keeping sentimentality at a distance. Replacing or entirely dropping the phrase "and this writer" does indeed seem like sound advice from a writer whom I truly appreciate.
Cheers from Willy

 =  centennial wound
Attila Elustun
[07.Jan.13 02:40]
Still the blood is flowing from the rivers of Israel in Mediterranean. Despite the killings of Palestinian children playing skittles with their gaze-between laughing and crying.

You have presented very well this centennial wound.

With Respect

 =  Attila!
John Willy Kopperud
[08.Jan.13 00:08]
Thanks a lot for your generous comment. My poem is not designed to distribute blame, it's rather an observation of the city's and the region's misery when it comes to confrontation between people and various faiths. An old daydream of mine has been the establishment of Jerusalem as a free and sovereign city state, which is holy to so many different groups and faiths.
Cheers from Willy

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