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+ dreaming the gaussian tail
Marius Surleac
[16.Dec.12 14:18]
interesting twist of thoughts in this poem. I liked the idea, the transposition in an inverted state of mind, the crawl for something present but shapeless in this dimension.

like it a lot,

 =  Re Marius: oh, my tail...
Romulus Campan
[16.Dec.12 22:30]
Hi Marius,

Truly thankful for your kindness and appreciation.
I have hoped to be able to round these thoughts in a compacted shape, and it looks I may have succeeded!
Have mercy on me, the maths illiterate: wha' izit Gaussian tail? Is it the thing Eeyore keeps losing?

With best of friendship and respect,


 =  when
Corina Gina Papouis
[16.Dec.12 23:16]
..Dad wants something else, thumbs are silly, life is the opposite of living, denial becomes self-belief and reversal is our only progression foetal position seems totally appropriate.

A matter/ antimatter poem which shines like a beacon..

Let it shine!

signed: a miserable client of the Freudian stock :p

 =  Ye club members of Freudian stock, unite!
Romulus Campan
[16.Dec.12 23:42]
Dear Corina,

Thank you from the heart for the comment and recommendation...
The comment itself is a gem of conciseness and clarity of understanding for something it took me some time to understand... Have I?



 =  prescription
[23.Dec.12 22:12]
...its a prescription kind of
Living and dying is the prescription of NATURE.

Thanks Romulus

 =  good medicine...
Romulus Campan
[24.Dec.12 00:00]
Hi G√ľnsel,

Thank you very much for passing by, also for the thought, yes it is hopefully a better prescription than what's commonly called "destiny":-))

Take good care,


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