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 =  snowy, snowy...
Romulus Campan
[20.Dec.12 18:31]
Hi Willy good friend,

I can see you've got into the spirit, I mean this winter spirit (not exactly my favourite...:-), and also into a bit of minimalism?

Just asking, shouldn't it be "suburbia's"?

I guess it's just gotten snowed under:-))

All my best,


 =  Quite right, of course
John Willy Kopperud
[20.Dec.12 19:15]
-Romulus my friend. The ' shall not be left out, poor thing! Thanks a lot for your response and that reminder!
Cheers from the suburbian snowman Willy

 =  ho ho ho
Corina Gina Papouis
[20.Dec.12 20:36]
..I guess this could make a great commercial for Christmas Eve. And if I shan't fall to pieces by then due to so many shopping lists and endless tasks I shall remember the sky as a velvet envelope.

Chhers Willy!

 =  Thanks a lot
John Willy Kopperud
[20.Dec.12 21:55]
-for appreciating the velvet envelope, Corina. Since Oslo is situated quite a bit north of London it does cover the entire horizon! But snow, lamplight and stars lends color to the scene.
Cheers from Willy
(Not covered by snow for the moment.)

 =  Love your soothing, magic poem.
Anna Lisa Nybæk
[14.Jan.13 22:52]
I love this poem, John Willy!!! It is so clear and soft and yet so powerful - a bit like a haiku. Soothing, sweet and tender... I live in Suburbia's velvet envelope, and know how magic it is when it is touched by light. Thanx for this enchanting poem

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