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 =  embracing gravels...
Romulus Campan
[05.Jan.13 21:28]
Hi Anna Lisa,

Beautiful thoughts in a heart consuming rhythm echoing small gravels embracing each other under your feet...

looking forward to reading you more!

With welcoming respect,


 =  Anna-Lisa
John Willy Kopperud
[05.Jan.13 21:38]
-I'm so glad that you too have joined agonia. Romulus is looking forward to read more of your verses and so do I. He has already commented. Just let me add that I think your descriptions of sensations and happenings in everyday life has an epic quality. I hope there is more from you to underline just that.
Cheers from Willy

 =  Joining Willy for a thought!
Romulus Campan
[05.Jan.13 22:02]
That's the beauty of teamwork!

Dear old Willy has just added the meaning so often flying around and away in my raptured moments and comments:-))
I'm hopeless, and love to be like that!


 =  Thanx for your interesting and encouraging comments to the poem
Anna Lisa Nybæk
[06.Jan.13 15:44]
Dear Willy and Romulus. Testing!!!!!! My comment of before did not go through, and I am trying again..... if this works, I will write more to you as reply, of course..

 =  Hi Anna Lisa...
Romulus Campan
[06.Jan.13 15:50]
Hi Anna Lisa,

Don't worry about your comments not going through; they should go through one you've clicked "submit", but until you (hopefully shortly:-) reach your next level, both texts and comments have to be approved by an editor, like with your last com. We are doing our best to not keep any comments waiting, by checking back several times a day. Once you've reached your next level, your comments will appear instantly, without approval:-))
Looking fwd. to reading you again!


 =  Hope to come back here soon and get more into the site and your poems.
Anna Lisa Nybæk
[06.Jan.13 20:15]
Dear Romulus and Willy. Thank you for your kindness. It is very nice when coming to a new place, to meet such kindness and interest..and on top of that I thank you Willy, for inviting me to this site.
Well my first comment did not come through, I see, and I suppose it was because I failed to fill in a "conclusion-area". What I said was that I am grateful for your comments and your encouragement to me and thus I feel inspired to write more!! I am thrilled to be here, and am looking very much forward to reading yours and other poems in here. I am a bit busy these particular days but hope to have more time, soon, to look around in here. Alas, you must forgive me for not commenting on anything in here yet, except your own comments by my own poem...but I will as soon as possible. Hope to reach the next level soon, though I am not sure what is required to reach it, but I guess I will find out when I dwell in here longer. I am looking forward to reading you and send you my grateful regards. AnnaLisa .

 =  We'll be waiting:-))
Romulus Campan
[06.Jan.13 20:20]
Hi Aana Lisa,

No rush, take your time, we'll be waiting, don't worry:-))
As for the next level, it comes after some activity, you'll just notice it!

I'm very, very glad Willy has done such a good "job" by inviting you, and I truly hope we'll be up to your creativity!

All the best from all of us!


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