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 =  of blue blood and moths...
Romulus Campan
[11.Jan.13 23:21]
Oh, how I hate myself these longer Mondays called "January", too...

Why do we have all of us of noble descent (the little finger in extension!) to unjustly suffer of moths, (rancid) coffee, windowed socks and sleepless nights...?

Reassuring you of my aristocratic sympathy,


 =  auricularis
Cristina-Monica Moldoveanu
[11.Jan.13 23:58]
Auricularis digitus had meany uses along the history. Maybe one of them is the source of its name in Latin :-) Some say it is the finger of Mercury, symbolizing the connection with Gods. I saw some baroque paintings with rings on the little finger. I never read about noble descent in relation with it. For the contrary, not being able to keep a small cup in your hand without lifting the little finger means you lost a little your self control and you are uneducated in the eyes of the aristocracy.
Of course in my poem it does not mean my plebeian descent, but mostly something like focusing attention upon the inner self, trying to get out of my own prison, expressing my inner self. Then little toe means reaching for others with humble powers, trying to overcome solitude.

 =  posh...
Romulus Campan
[12.Jan.13 13:22]
A very thin line separates (or rather overlaps...) meaning/atmosphere in your texts...
There are always elements of balancing the more than one angles from where you perceive and describe your own surrounding reality.
In this particular case, the title and the third stanza seem to balance the fine element of ludic brought in by the "little" elements. Of course, the imagery of a toe nail scratching secret messages on floors, in a frozen, lonely and rotten world dressed nevertheless in lace, brings your reader to a world of innocent macabre specific for example to Tim Burton's world(s)...
As for your/our aristocratic little finger, it's the very first time I've ever heard of it as of a plebeian "mark". It's been all a long (to my knowledge) a sign of being delicate:-) ... and posh:-))

Have a nicer day:-)


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