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 =  typos...
Romulus Campan
[20.Jan.13 21:36]
Hi there,

Very interesting text, rather a philosophical thought than poetry, but leave it please as poetry.
The real problems though are the several typos, so please do a thorough spell-check and repost. I'll gladly consider it after!



 =  issue
[20.Jan.13 22:28]
I have a small problem, I feel better in classical poetry even though my work is not very good. When I start the free verse somehow I become philosofical. It is nonetheless an exercise.

 =  still there...
Romulus Campan
[20.Jan.13 22:25]
Still lots of typos...


 =  choices...
Romulus Campan
[20.Jan.13 22:34]
I do understand both your concern and your point of view. Nevertheless, I have to say that there's a significant qualitative difference in favour of your free verse text, which should encourage you to spend time in refining through more writing:-)
Of course, the choice is yours, but it would be a loss not to try more free verse besides the classical ones:-)

Just an "old man's" advice...


 =  all done!
Romulus Campan
[20.Jan.13 23:28]

I particularly noticed "and an incredible long list sees the break of day.", an interesting, stern, nevertheless exquisite sentence...

Changed "man" to "men" as required by "are". Hope you don't mind:-)

We've had quite a good cooperation today, isn't it! I truly enjoyed it!

Take care,


 =  kindly
[21.Jan.13 10:31]
I enjoyed it, too. I will make the correction. Kindly, gg.

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