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 =  hearts in boots...
Romulus Campan
[23.Jan.13 22:40]
I remember once visiting an art gallery displaying so called naïve paintings.
It was my first time seeing such art, because of its rather negative echoing...
What struck me was the overwhelming richness of messages hidden in plain within simplicity's disguise...
I felt something similar reading your thoughts: through puss in boots to love' true meaning.

Yes, you definitely have your very personal style.

Gladly reading you...


 =  happy
Bodea Diana Mihaela
[31.Jan.13 23:56]
I have just came across your comment and I must say it had a very good effect on me as it comes in a moment of doubt. Thank you for your gentle words.



 =  happy doubting...
Romulus Campan
[01.Feb.13 00:27]
Good advice comes always at a high price, in your case sincerity paid it...
And now my advice, and encouragement:
Keep doubt as your best friend. It'll keep you away from rampant stupidity, empty pride and falseness. When in doubt over a text, work on it until you feel truly happy about it. Your creations are like your children. You suffer for them, but looking at them should bring you such joy, that not even the meanest critic could shake it. If you learn this, true development will come... Give it time... Just learn to love doubt; it'll teach you to love the end result of your creative efforts. Of course, 10 years, or even 1 year from now, you'll see today's creations from other hights, and that is just perfect, and a sign of development. NEVER change texts, for no matter whose "advice"... That is not creativity... No parent would perform plastic surgery on their children according to someone elses wishes:-)
No true writer should do that:-)

Sorry for my rather long advice, but I felt your sincerity may enjoy a bit of encouragement from someone who started writing over 35 years ago...


 =  good lesson
Bodea Diana Mihaela
[01.Feb.13 14:34]
truely I embrace your advice, I do like to read so no matter how long a comment is I still enjoy reading it and also staying on it to think about what has been said and how to apply it naturaly. It is true that after a period of time some creations sound funny, but somehow they always make me smile for I remember the state I was in, my thoughts, the reasons for them. Sincerity is my major driving reason for writing.
The aspect of keeping doubt as a friend is quite new for my as my nature is or at least seems like it is incompatible with it. I read just the other day an article from a leadership trainer and he said just the same thing. I will meditate on this as your words come to straighten this affirmation.
Once again thank you.

Kindly, GG

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